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Moulds with high added value

The MORA Group’s “moulds” service is distinguished by the very high level of its technical expertise, benefiting from the support of the group’s Development Centre and integrated test centre.

Capacities able to meet your needs, offering you:

  • a site dedicated to the design and manufacturing of test and production moulds, in collaboration with the Development Centre and the test centre: 45 employees.
  • a site dedicated to mould maintenance, repair and development: 5 employees.



  • Mould study, design and breakdown
  • Production of moulds
  • Testing and development
  • Mould element control reporting
  • Parts metrology comparative to the customer’s own controls
    Delivery of “turnkey” moulds with interchangeable elements

Technical expertise

  • Single and multi-impression moulds
  • Single-material, bi-material or bi-colour with lock, rotating or transfer
  • Single-stage or two-stage
  • Unscrewed, stripped thread moulds
  • Service capsule moulds with cap closure in mould
  • Thin wall with IML label attachment or static
  • Insert working mould casting
  • Silicon moulds
  • Pressure moulds: aluminium, zamak or magnesium