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In permanent collaboration with the production sites, our partners and the customer design offices, our Development Centre co-defines and optimises the competitive technical solutions required to ensure project efficiency.

In-depth expertise

  • Leader in decorated parts, from design to delivery
  • Technological monitoring
  • Transversality of technical solutions and skills
  • Research into innovative solutions
  • Study of “parts” functions, development of new products, etc.
  • Co-design, suggestions for product improvements based on rheologies, 3D representation and behavioural simulation (deformation, etc.), thermal studies
  • Collaborative research into competitive technical solutions (potential outsourcing of standard tasks, etc.), validation of compatibility of required tolerances and production tools
  • Prototyping


  • Tool design
  • Resource production
  • Studies in processes and automation, elaboration of dedicated blocks, design of prehension hands, control systems (cameras, separation of electrical paths, fibre optics, etc.), assembly, packaging, etc.
  • Development of moulds

Integrated test centre

  • Dedicated robotic presses
  • Mould and industrial production workshop
  • 30 people working in close collaboration
  • Accreditation management procedures (products, processes, staff training, etc.)