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The MORA group is developing a new area of expertise: the decoration of plastic parts, in order to support its customers in all sectors.

It has full competence in all processes and equipment required for the various types of decoration:

  • Set painting (hyrdaulics base, solvents, UV)
  • Plating : alu, rifle barrel,  canon de fusil, opaque or semi-transparent aspect, meta flash, partial gradation
  • Technical covers (CEM armour plating)
  • Engraving laser
  • Pad printing
  • Screen printing
  • Hot marking
  • Image transfer

Metallization using the Jet Metal technologies procedure allows specific properties to be obtained: electromagnetic insulation, charge dissipation, hardness of surface, reduction in the coefficient of friction, anti-corrosion, etc., using a environmentally friendly procedure (without chromium and nickel).