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Founded on: mould-making expertise and industrial vision

In the early 1990s, the managers of three companies, MORA, ERMI and SOFAMI, enjoying great expertise as mould-makers, reflecting on the future of their activities. With a strategic vision in mind, and buoyed by his business acumen and financial knowledge, Mr Lacroix proposed that they join forces to enter a new phase of industrial development. They combined their companies, and the group was born. The strategy and resources put into place confirmed the group’s industrial positioning.

Extension of technical expertise: injection, development and decoration

With a continual desire to provide global solutions, the group developed injection activities, firstly within MORA. This quickly became the group’s leading activity and the flagship of its development both in France and internationally.

Each company gradually expanded its design capacities in response to extremely technical and wide-ranging requirements  across diverse and demanding sectors: medical, electrical and electronic, automobiles, packaging, etc. In 2002, their areas of expertise were pooled through the creation of the Development Centre in Grandris.

Since 2010, with the conquest of new markets such as cosmetics, the group has extended its global expertise to decoration. It has added the specialist skills related to finishing and marking parts.

Industrial growth dynamic

Step by step, the Group is federating the skills of the different companies, supporting and organising an international growth strategy and consolidating the shared industrial vision.

Whether in relation to company takeovers, subsidiary mergers or the creation of new sites (Development Centre in Grandris in 2002, MORA LDA in 2005, MORA IPR in 2006, Tunisia in 2009), all the strategic decisions of the group contribute to the realisation of its industrial vision.