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Objectives: customer satisfaction and industrial growth

“In addition to economic necessities, meeting our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, technical, geographical and responsiveness factors is our Group’s ultimate aim. Whatever activity is involved, our development is justified and guided by our commitment to customer benefit. Our quest for competitiveness, responsiveness, technical expertise, and the development of our co-design capacities are all motivated by attentiveness to customer needs and our continuous desire to provide the ideal response.

Committed to a dynamic of sustainable growth, we are seeking to reinforce and affirm our industrial positioning and technological expertise, while also developing our proximity to major buyers in a wide range of sectors: medical, cosmetics, consumer electronics, automobiles, packaging, etc.

Our policies in terms of investment, quality, training and international expansion all combine to ensure the long-term satisfaction of our customers within the framework of the controlled growth of the Group”

Jean-Pierre Lacroix, CEO