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10 million parts produced every day

The MORA group’s expertise covers all plastic materials, all production runs, all technical parts from small to medium dimension, all types of moulds up to 5 tonnes and automated production facilities, whatever the special features and techniques required: two-stage moulding, working mould casting, trim parts, single and double injection, assembly, etc.



    CAD, CADD software, Rheology:
    • Catia
    • Solidworks
    • Pro Engineer
    • Mold flow
  • Comprehensive information system : Intranet, EDI, specialist secure links.
  • Test centre containing 5 presses and the machining resources required for mould development.


Each site is equipped with high-performance equipment receiving regular investment. Maintained, dedicated and enhanced through the planned, functional use of available space, they guarantee optimal conditions for production and security.


    100 presses, from 25 to 1000 T.
  • Clean room, class ISO7.
  • Clean room, class ISO8.